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This guide provides resources to help with academic writing with an emphasis on the process of drafting, revising, rewriting and proofreading.


What's in this Guide?

Here's a brief description of the contents of each page. Use the tabs at the top of the guide or the list below to find:

Books   - books available at the library to help with writing and grammar

Databases and Websites links to available databases 

Websites (Writing & Grammar)   - links to sites with helpful tips on writing and grammar

MLA Citation Guide - help with citation

Other resources when applicable


Which is your favorite database?
Credo Reference: 4 votes (44.44%)
Proquest: 3 votes (33.33%)
Gale Reference: 0 votes (0%)
EBSCOHost: 1 votes (11.11%)
LibGuides: 1 votes (11.11%)
Total Votes: 9