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Drafting and CAD Program: Home


This guide gathers many of the WCCC library's resources for the Drafting & CAD program.

Photography: Michael Chua

The WCCC Drafting & CAD Program provides students with the opportunity to learn the basics of technical sketching and board drafting, print reading and both mechanical and architectural CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting).

What's in this guide?

Here's a brief description of the contents of each page. Use the tabs at the top of the guide to find:

  • Books - Search boxes to locate books in our collection or statewide and a list of sample books in our collection related to your program
  • Articles - A list of searchable databases to locate articles and a list of magazines available in the WCCC library
  • Websites - Useful links
  • Videos - Search boxes to locate videos in our collection or statewide and a list of videos in our collection
  • Other Resources - Course reserves and archives