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Medical Assisting & Medical Office Technology: Home


This guide gathers resources to complement the Medical Assisting and Medical  OfficeTechnology programs.The Medical Assistant program provides students with expertise in fulfilling the day-to-day operations of a medical office.The Medical Office Technology (MOT) program prepares students to become professionally dedicated to assisting in patient care and proficient in a number of skills.

 Photography: Michael Chua

What's in this Guide?

Here's a brief description of the contents of each page. Use the tabs at the top of the guide or the list below to find:

Books - relevant books available at WCCC library

Databases and Websites - links to relevant websites

‚ÄčPeriodicals -  relevant periodicals available at WCCC library and online

Videos   relevant VHS videos and DVDs available at WCCC library

MLA Citation Guide -  a quick citation guide to the most common types of resources


Resources for individual courses where applicable